Soccer Vision Vest is a revolutionary tool for soccer. Nothing like this has ever been made in history.

What Vest Does?

It blocks the vision of the ball temporarily which in return makes players look up. That means better response, faster passing and shooting and better mind ball dribbling connection. Some of the most elite players in the world are elite because they have the ability of looking up which makes them ahead of the opponent all the time. It gives them a Advantage of passing, shooting and running towards the gap and pass in the gap to create chances of goal scoring opportunities.


Studies have shown that if the player doesn’t look at the ball while playing, he’s literally always one step ahead of the competition. And we here facilitates you with the Vest which will help you practice this movement and habit of looking up while playing and not worrying about the ball at feet but of thinking and processing your NEXT MOVE.


Soccer Vision Vest gives you 98.99 % success rate in your touch, pass and game sense improvemen, and increases your game speed by 67% according to Research done on Professional and semi professional Football Players from all Around the world.

21 reviews for Soccer Vision Vest- Mind Ball Connection Improvement Vest

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