• Premium latex palm for superior grip, shock absorption, and durability.
  • Lightweight backhand with breathable mesh fabric for superior ventilation.
  • Negative cut for better fit.
  • Extended palm for additional grip
  • Ships with its own glove carry-bag
  • wraparound wristband with adjustable strap for a secure fit



These Evolution Professional Quality Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves are designed with the highest quality materials to provide superior protection and grip while playing in goal. The navy and sky blue color combination add a touch of style to the gloves, while the embossed palm and full wrap wrist strap provide a secure fit. The latex foam padding ensures maximum shock absorption and protection, while the air mesh gussets improve breathability and comfort. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced goalkeeper, these gloves are perfect for any level of play.



  • This wraparound wristband is designed to provide a secure fit and adjustable comfort. It features an adjustable hook-and-loop closure that can be easily adjusted to fit most wrist sizes. The band is made of lightweight and breathable materials, making it ideal for workouts, sports, and other activities. The wristband is also stylish and comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit any style.
  • The Extended Palm for Additional Grip is a hand grip designed to provide extra stability and grip when using tools, equipment, or performing daily activities. The grip is made from a combination of three Super Grip German Latex palms, each providing additional grip, comfort, and durability.
  • The palms feature an ergonomic design with a contoured shape and an adjustable wrist strap for a secure fit. The palms are also constructed with a breathable mesh to reduce perspiration and keep hands cool. The Extended Palm is ideal for anyone who needs additional grip and stability when using tools or performing daily activities.
  • The Vizari Glove is the perfect glove for any soccer enthusiast. Its padded foam palm provides superior protection and comfort while the adjustable wristband ensures a secure fit. The glove also ships with its own glove carry-bag for easy storage and transport. With the Vizari Glove, you can enjoy a more comfortable, protected and enhanced game.


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