Description of Adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Crazyrush – Footwear White/Core Black/Lucid Lemon

  • Experience a one-of-a-kind fit and reduced weight with the Lightweight HybridTouch upper, featuring a coated microfiber material. This innovative design from Adidas offers a soft, malleable sensation and stands out as a game-changer compared to previous generations.
  • Discover the game-changing High Definition Grip technology, featuring minimalist rubber elements on the kicking surface. This revolutionary innovation from Adidas enhances grip and precision while maintaining flexibility for unmatched performance.
  • Experience exceptional ball control with the 3D Grip texture spanning the outer surface of the boot. This feature guarantees optimal connection between your footwear and the ball, crucial for making precise dribbles.
  • Adidas Predator Accuracy features a two-part collar crafted from plush Primeknit for outstanding comfort, stability, and lockdown. This design ensures both superb on-field performance and easy access to the boot’s interior.
  • Utilizing advanced Facet frame split tooling, this technology in Adidas Predator Accuracy ensures exceptional acceleration, dynamic traction, and smooth rotation, even during high-speed play.

FG studs works best for natural turf.

Note: Adidas states that the color of Adidas Predator Accuracy outsole may fade with use.


UK 06.5/US 07.5, UK 06/US 07, UK 07.5/US 08.5, UK 07/US 08, UK 08.5/US 09.5, UK 08/US 09, UK 09.5/US 10.5, UK 09/US 10, UK 10.5/US 11.5, UK 10/ US 11

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