• Durable, High-Quality Construction: Premium synthetic leather cover for superior touch and feel and reinforced butyl bladder for extended air retention and shape retention.
  • This unique graphic design features a bold and eyecatching design with an Odyssey logo that stands out on the field. The design is created with a durable and highquality material that is perfect for any level of play. The colors and graphics will be sure to make your cleats stand out and shine!
  • Balanced flight & Grip control
  • Hard-wearing TPU casing for enhanced shape retention
  • Dimension: 30.48 L X 25.4 W X 10.16 H (Centimeters) & Weight: 0.91 Pounds
  • 4 New Colors to Match Your Vibe!


[description1]The Sport Usa Odyssey Soccer Ball is an advanced performance soccer ball designed for superior durability and playability. Its premium construction features a multi-layer casing that is encased in a textured PU cover for a soft touch and excellent ball control. Its responsive construction and full-grain leather cover ensure the ball will provide superior accuracy and control during long-distance passes and shots. The Odyssey Soccer Ball is the perfect choice to bring your game to the next level.

Vizari Sports USA, well-known soccer specialty brand. Since its beginning in 1998, Vizari Sports LLC has progressively developed into one of the best soccer specialist companies in the industry by consistently supplying athletes of all ages and skill levels with the highest quality soccer apparels and soccer equipment’s.



  • This product is designed to be highly durable and longlasting. It features a premium synthetic leather cover for a superior touch and feel, as well as a reinforced butyl bladder for extended air retention and shape retention. It is perfect for outdoor use and is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.
  • This product provides a balanced flight and grip control for a ball. It helps to maintain the desired flight path and trajectory for the ball, while also providing a secure grip for improved accuracy and precision when throwing.
  • The flight path can be adjusted to match any desired outcome, while the grip control ensures that the ball will stay in the hand securely and comfortably. This product is ideal for any sport that requires to soccer.
  • This hard-wearing TPU casing provides superior shape retention and protection for your device. The tough TPU material is designed to resist daily wear and tear while keeping your device looking like new. The lightweight design ensures enhanced portability and easy installation. Plus, the form-fitting construction offers a snug fit that won’t add bulk. Get the ultimate protection for your device with this hard-wearing TPU casing.


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