Description of Nike Phantom GT 2 Elite FG Rawdacious

Nike presents the Rawdacious Pack, a new colorway for the three silos of the American brand. In this Pack, white becomes the main color providing class and good taste in equal measure. These are the boots that Nike footballers will wear at the Olympic games to be held this summer.


The uppers of this Phantom GT (Generative Texture) are made from an improved Flyknit thread with different textures that achieve an infinitely softer finish and greater grip, which does not need several uses to soften up and which, as with the Venom, presents a dotted finish along the hitting area, with greater grip to facilitate control and improve passing. All of this is covered by ACC technology.


The sole has a stabilizing bridge, and conical studs complemented by wide rotated studs to make turns that much easier.


For players looking for a high-end football boot to compete at professional or semi-pro level with maximum sensation when in contact with the ball, and a personalized fit. Leather boots, to be used on natural grass or the latest artificial turf.

This is an FG boot made for natural dry or damp grass, or the latest artificial turf pitches.

Step Up Your Game: Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG – White & Bright Crimson

Elevate your game with the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG in a striking white and bright crimson colorway. Designed for elite-level performance, these boots feature the innovative ‘rawdacious’ design, ensuring you stand out on the pitch with style. The Phantom GT2 Elite FG combines precision engineering with dynamic traction to give you the edge over your opponents.

Crafted with Nike’s signature materials, these boots offer exceptional comfort and support, allowing you to move with agility and confidence. The vibrant pink blast accents add a pop of color, further enhancing the boot’s aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re making precise passes or unleashing powerful shots, the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG is engineered to enhance every aspect of your game.

Experience unparalleled control and responsiveness with the Phantom GT2 Elite FG ‘rawdacious’, the ultimate choice for players who demand nothing but the best from their footwear. Dominate the field in style and performance with Nike.


UK 06.5/US 07.5, UK 06/US 07, UK 07.5/US 08.5, UK 07/US 08, UK 08.5/US 09.5, UK 08/US 09, UK 09.5/US 10.5, UK 09/US 10, UK 10.5/US 11.5, UK 10/ US 11

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