Description of Nike Hypervenom 3 Elite DF FG Always Forward

Flyknit for flexibility and support

Nike Hypervenom 3 Elite DF is made from a single piece of Flyknit, which allows the boot to be both incredibly light yet extremely durable. Flyknit is made for polyester yarn, that has been knitted together to form a single layer design with different textures. Where flexibility is key, the yarn is slightly more open. On the contrary the yarn is more dense in the areas that need support. A minimal design for maximum output. The weight is kept as low as possible, resulting in a comfortable light and almost seamless surface with a sock like fit. The surface has been treated with All Conditions Control (ACC), to ensure a great touch on the ball in all weather conditions.

Unique Strike Zone to allow for unprecedented composure in front of the goal

Nike Hypervenoms blue is built on two key abilities, where one is the ability to strike. This is clearly shown on the upper, where the Strike Zone is placed. The Zone is made up of several 2 mm Poron Foam Pods, which is especially designed foam pads in several layers that has been built into the Flyknit upper. The foam pads is able to react to the situation you are in. When doing a pass, the pads creates a dampened soft touch – while they turn solid upon fast hard impact, creating the optimum circumstances for a powerful strike. The visible texture on the Flyknit upper is reactive too, with hollow spaces creating a desired flexibility to allow for an improved first touch on the ball.

Flywire for dynamic stability and lockdown

The second key ability for the Hypervenom Phantom 3, is the ability to change direction. High speed sideway changes of direction, creates high tension and puts a lot of pressure on your ankles. It is therefore essential to have great support, a tight fit and no slipping inside the boot. Nike has fitted the boot with a Nike Grip insole, to counteract and limit the slipping. Nike has fitted the boot with 3 meters of dynamic Flywire cables, connected to the outsole and small built in channels into the Flywire upper. These cables is especially developed to handle high tension stress. The laces are connected to the Flywire cables by small loops, ensuring you get a tight personal fit. When tying your laces the Flywire cables tighten up, making the upper fit nicely on your feet. As the cables can move freely inside the channels, the support and lockdown is adaptable to your every move. You are given excellent lockdown, while having full mobility.

Updated Dynamic Fit Collar – focus on high speed change of direction

Hypervenom Phantom 3 has been fitted with updated Dynamic Fit Collar, especially designed for the Hypervenom style of play. The anatomical offset collar meet the needs for support from the ankle joint, when doing fast sideways changes of direction. The sock like fit locks your feet into place, creating that sense of the boots being an extension of you. Your awareness of what goes on at your feet is increased, enhancing the interaction. “The sock” also provides lateral stability, to increase your confidence in your ability to twist and turn – leaving your opponent behind.

Outsole engineered for ultimate agility

These Blue and white Hypervenoms Hyper-Reactive outsole combines Pebax for a flexible and agile front, with rigid nylon at the back for support. This combination allows the front to maintain grip while the heel is off the pitch, something that is a big advantage when doing sideway change of direction. The stud configuration is based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA), creating something that is perfected for sharp twists and quick turns. Some studs are for rotation, some for acceleration, some for twists and some for grip. All designed to help you on improving your agility, improving your reaction time. These Nike Hypervenom white and blue are crucial when fighting with the opposition’s defenders for space.


UK 06.5/US 07.5, UK 06/US 07, UK 07.5/US 08.5, UK 07/US 08, UK 08.5/US 09.5, UK 08/US 09, UK 09.5/US 10.5, UK 09/US 10, UK 10.5/US 11.5, UK 10/ US 11

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