Description of Adidas X Crazyfast + FG Crazyrush – Footwear White/Core Black/Lucid Lemon

  • The revolutionary adidas X Crazyfast is meticulously crafted to empower athletes to achieve unprecedented speed, making it the ultimate masterpiece in unique fit footwear that is set to redefine the future of speed boots.
  • The Aeropacity Speedskin+ mono-mesh upper of this innovative model is reinforced strategically with Aerocage+ technology precisely where it’s essential, resulting in a lightweight feel that perfectly matches its appearance.
  • Classic customizable lace-up system and soft, comfortable Primeknit edge, which makes it easy for all foot types to get in boots quickly and provides unmatched comfort.
  • Adidas X Crazyfast showcases a classic lace-up system that’s easily customizable, paired with a soft and comfortable Primeknit edge. This design caters to all types of feet, ensuring a swift and comfortable fit for athletes seeking unmatched performance.
  • The Speedframe outsole of the Crazyfast features an optimized bud system seamlessly integrated to deliver instant propulsion and explosive speed, making it ideal for athletes looking to boost their performance.
  • The upper of these shoes consists of at least 50% recycled materials, representing a significant stride towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

FG boots for best natural grass courts.

Please note: Adidas informs that color wear on the outsole is to be expected.


UK 06.5/US 07.5, UK 06/US 07, UK 07.5/US 08.5, UK 07/US 08, UK 08.5/US 09.5, UK 08/US 09, UK 09.5/US 10.5, UK 09/US 10, UK 10.5/US 11.5, UK 10/ US 11

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