Size: 142 * 142 cm (about 56 inches)

Adjustable waistline: about 50-110 cm

Name: Sports resistance umbrella (soccer training essential supplies)

Function: resistance training, improve the explosive power, speed and core strength.

The kinematic resistance umbrella is designed and manufactured according to the principle of aerodynamics. It is widely used in sports training. The experimental results show that the resistance of the resistance umbrella is increasing with the increase of the speed. In the sports training can be based on different sports and different levels of athletes choose different specifications resistance umbrella training, it can be widely used in track and field, ball, bicycle, speed skating, swimming and other projects in the training.

Resistance umbrella can practice the speed at the same time practice strength, the perfect realization of the combined. In this training process, the resistance umbrella can help you improve the speed of movement, lower limb strength and explosive force.

The use of resistance umbrella training, can effectively increase the athlete’s resistance load, the athletes at the start to bring it conducive to the speed of play, with the increase in resistance, the athletes at a variety of speeds can be obtained relative to the maximum resistance load. Resistance umbrella can be used directly in the actual training of athletes, does not destroy the technical structure, which is particularly important in training.

When you bring this resistance umbrella running, because the air resistance will produce backward drag force, the faster you run, resulting in greater drag force, through this exercise, you can improve the acceleration ability to improve muscle endurance, To enhance the ability to adjust the direction of high-speed running.

Before the training is a lot of tires, but the tire friction (resistance) will increase with the increase in speed, resistance umbrella will increase with the acceleration, tire training is not conducive to acceleration, because the start is the largest friction.

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