Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG NJR Puro Fenomeno – Racer Blue/Black/Chrome

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG NJR Puro Fenomeno – Racer Blue/Black/Chrome

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Nike presents NJR Puro Fenomeno, a signature boot collection for the Brazilian superstar from Paris Saint-Germain – Neymar Jr. He is a perfect incarnation of the beautiful game and a perfect master of many of the games facets. With flair, charisma and brilliant technique he is undoubtedly a remarkable player and an ever present threat to the opponents. Packed with magic and a desire to tackle incoming obstacles, by using the football and the beautiful game to overcome them. Neymar Jr. is nothing less but a phenomenon, driven by the desire to do things differently. The Nike NJR Puro Fenomeno collection combines two of the most iconing Mercurial designs ever created: The Ultra Speed from 1998, worn by the legend Ronald also known as Ô Fenomeno – and the Mercurial Superfly II from 2010. Two truly iconic designs, that has been reinterpreted and updated. This is 20 years of phenomenal football combined in one single boot.

Mercurial is designed for the explosive player. A player who demands speed, who puts speed above everything. It is for the player that shows unrivalled acceleration, speed and unpredictability – while letting his opponents taste the dust when being outrunned.

• A part of the NJR Puro Fenomeno Pack
• Signature boot for the Brazilian PSG superstar, Neymar Jr.

• Teijin upper – Weight 167 grams

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Teijin upper packed with innovative details
Vapor XI is designed with an upper made from Teijin, an extremely thin and flexible material allowing for an almost barefoot feel and touch on the ball. The upper has been given raised horizontal grooves, to increase the level of friction between the boot and the football. This way your attention and interaction with the boots is heightened. You get an improved touch on the ball and a closer, more precise and natural touch when dribbling, passing or shooting in high speed. The front part of the boot, has been designed with a low profile to allow you to get under the ball for even better shots and passes. The upper has been coated with the All Conditions Control (ACC), for excellent touch on the ball in all weather conditions.

Integrated tongue for better lockdown
The tongue is integrated in the boot, working with the frame of the boot. When you tie the laces, the design shapes to your feet and ensures that your feet is pushed down on the sole. This allows for the ultimate lockdown, which is needed at high speed and sharp turns – also adding to the responsiveness of the boot.

Groundbreaking way of thinking is the foundation for a unique outsole
A conventional way of thinking, when talking about outsoles for a pair of football boots, has been flat form. But Nike realised that the problem was, that people’s feet was anything else but flat. As a logical consequence of this, Nike started working on the development of a new outsole plate, which follows the foots anatomy. The result became a curved and light nylon outsole, which consists of a single layer chassis, that is 40% lighter, stronger and more responsive than the carbon sole on the Superfly IV. By having an anatomic outsole which follows the foot, it reduces the gap, which existed on the carbon sole, and offers a more natural fit. On the front foot the sole has a Split-Toe function, which increases the foot’s flexibility in the boots, so you get an improved grip on the pitch.

Stud system designed for acceleration and deceleration
In the modern version of this beautiful game, much can be decided, if you can run and change directions quickly. An essential aspect in this, is that you can achieve a high speed within short time. A thing which is equally important but often forgotten, is if you can stop quickly enough. Nike has designed a completely new stud system with help from an advanced computer system. Pressure points and the flow of power was mapped. So was different forms, patterns and compositions – all being thoroughly analyzed. Nike found the ideal combination, and the studs were placed at different place where grip was needed the most. The studs are angled so they work as claws during acceleration and quick turns. They work equally effective when decelerating, which makes it easy for you to stop and change direction when you want.

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6 reviews for Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG NJR Puro Fenomeno – Racer Blue/Black/Chrome

  1. Matt Brown

    Do you deliver to Virginia? And are these shoes guaranteed real by the exact Nike shoes themsleves?

    • ADMIN

      yes for both the answers.

  2. Mateusz Sadlo

    Hi do u delivery to Northern Ireland and what cost is that

  3. Mateusz Sadło

    Hi do u delivery to uk to Northern Ireland? And what cost is it

    • ADMIN

      Shipping is free and yes we do ship there.

  4. siyandasithole27

    Do you deliver in South Africa?

    • ADMIN

      yes sir

  5. siyandasithole27

    When dose the sale end?

  6. Yahir

    How long dose it usually take to arrive to my door?

    • ADMIN

      10-15 DAYS

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