Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Chapter 5: Cut to brilliance FG – Blue Tint/Black/White

Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Chapter 5: Cut to brilliance FG – Blue Tint/Black/White

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Nike is now ready to present chapter 5 of 7 in the story of Cristiano Ronaldo. Named “Cut to Brilliance”, this chapter is all about his move to Real Madrid – the mighty Spanish club – where he would go on to make his permanent mark on football history. At the time, it was a record transfer fee of 94 million euro, and expectations were high – later being surpassed by Gareth Bale. In his very first match for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first of many goals. He became the first ever player to score against all La Liga teams in a single season. He also became the first to reach 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 league goals. The Nike CR7 Chapter 5: Cut to brilliance is predominantly white, with diamond inspired graphics and multi-coloured knit details. On the heel you can see the date of his presentation to a packed out Bernabeu, as well as the writing “El Sueño Del Nino” – which means “The Dream Of A Child”. Which was the image he described to Nike’s design team.

Mercurial is designed for the explosive player, that has a need for speed. It is for the player that shows unrivaled acceleration, speed and unpredictability – while letting his opponents taste the dust when being outrunned.

• Chapter 5: Cut to brilliance – fifth part of CR7’s football journey
• Signature boot for the Portuguese Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo

• Flyknit upper – Weight only on 191 gram

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Redefined speed
Mercurial Superfly V is the most advanced boot technology wise, ever produced by Nike. By combining science with design, Nike has managed to develop a boot where all components work together with one purpose: to allow the player to reach his full potential. The boots are lighter and stronger than ever before, backed by science and designed to work together with the foot. This is the science of speed, this is speed redefined!

Flyknit upper combined with Speed Rib cables
The boot has a Flyknit upper with a integrated Speed Rib technology, which is a special cable structure woven into the upper. The cables starts with being 1 mm in the back and 2,5 mm in the front foot. The purpose with this, is to create friction between the boot and the football, so you get an improved touch on the ball and a closer, more precise and natural touch when dribbling, passing or shooting in high speed. Meanwhile some of the Speed Rib cables are connected to the outsole and laces, which helps keeping your foot pressed down against the insole. This ensure an optimal lockdown, which is necessary in high pace and fast-paced quick turns, while also making the boot as responsive as possible.

The light and strong Flyknit upper is made in one piece. It is extremely flexible and moves with your foot, so it feels like one with your feet. This gives a comfort and fit which is unmatched. The tongue is removed so you get a close touch on the ball and an improved control. The upper is furthermore coated with the NikeSkin and All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. The NikeSkin secures a light, breathable and tight fit, by combining a thin PU-layer with a performance mesh. The ACC-technology is a thin coating of the upper that secures a good touch in all kinds of weather.

Dynamic Fit Collar gives the best possible fit
The Dynamic Fit Collar is the part of the boot which continues above the ankles and looks similar to a sock. This extension of the football boot is one of the most significant changes and the desing adds to keeping your feet in place. It creates a feeling of the boot being an extension of your body and legs. Your attention towards your feet is heightened and the level of interaction with the football is significantly raised.

Groundbreaking way of thinking is the foundation for a unique outsole
A conventional way of thinking, when talking about outsoles for a pair of football boots, has been flat form. But Nike realised that the problem was, that people’s feet was anything else but flat. As a logical consequence of this, Nike started working on the development of a new outsole plate, which follows the foots anatomy. The result became a curved and light nylon outsole, which consists of a single layer chassis, that is 40% lighter, stronger and more responsive than the carbon sole on the Superfly IV. By having an anatomic outsole which follows the foot, it reduces the gap, which existed on the carbon sole, and offers a more natural fit. On the front foot the sole has a Split-Toe function, which increases the foot’s flexibility in the boots, so you get an improved grip on the pitch.

Stud system designed for acceleration and deceleration
In the modern edition of this beautiful game, much can be decided, if you can run and change directions quickly. An essential aspect in this,is that you can achieve a high speed within short time. A thing which is equally important, but often forgotten, is if you can stop quickly enough. Nike has designed a completely new stud system with help from an advanced computer system. Pressure points and the flow of power was mapped. So was different forms, patterns and compositions – all being thoroughly analyzed. Nike found the ideal combination, and the studs were placed at different place where grip was needed the most. The studs are angled so they work as claws during acceleration and quick turns. They work equally effective when decelerating, which makes it easy for you to stop and change direction when you want.

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7 reviews for Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Chapter 5: Cut to brilliance FG – Blue Tint/Black/White

  1. leonel.h0810

    does this come with a bag?

    • ADMIN

      Yes sir

  2. Kamryn

    are these scaled down or are they top notch because the fact that they are $169 worries me ?

    • ADMIN

      they are top versions sir

  3. Blake

    Is the sizing for men or women?

    • ADMIN

      For men Sir, If you want for women then please mail us first about the size and then place the order

  4. Alex

    Are they 100% confirmed real, or are they fake?

    • ADMIN

      yes sir, these are real

  5. Unknown

    Do you have any smaller sizes maybe even for women?

    • ADMIN


  6. Jaxon

    Do y’all have a number

    • ADMIN

      +91 869186286

  7. Maria-Teresa

    Do you have them in size US 6 for younger boys?

    • ADMIN

      not now

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